Dave Puopolo

Creative, Optimist, Management

Dave Puopolo is a continual optimist who brings thirty years of experience in the label and packaging business to Axiom Label Group.


In 1981, Dave started with a national company co-owned by Revlon, managing their west coast clients. Within a few years, Dave’s entrepreneurial path in the label industry began when he was presented with opportunity to start his own label company, Group One, in 1984.

Growing & Expanding

During Dave’s time as owner and CEO of Group One, he built it from a small printing company to twelve press operation with over 60 employees and over 10 million dollars in revenue. In 2001, the business merged with the Impaxx Group where Dave took on the role as the sales and marketing manager for the West Coast, running business in all 9 of their plants.

It was at the Impaxx group where Dave and Kieron met and in 2004 decided to develop the idea to start Axiom Label Group.

The name Axiom was chosen because of its association with quality and ingenuity. It has been a thrill for Dave to build and maintain relationships with customers and companies over the last 20 plus years. For Dave, the best part of all is having a tremendous family that has always been the motivating factor in what he does.

Labels, Shrink Wraps, & Flexible Packaging


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